Bethel Christian Center of Federal Way

Life Academy of Puget Sound (LAPS) encompasses a                      Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade Educational Facility. LAPS joined the ministry of BCC in 1999, following it's original establishment in 1989. LAPS provides a Bible-based K–12 curriculum, consisting of reading programs, core subjects, electives, and student programs. The curriculum is Nationally Accredited.

Our school operates Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a "Homeschool" day, if necessary. If desired, Fridays can be accommodated at our Childcare Facility. 

LAPS also offers Homeschool Only Education which includes all required curriculum. Testing will be graded/recorded and kept in-house. 


Why Consider Christian Schools?

Christian education begins at birth, and is a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week, process that extends until the student leaves the home.
Every student needs their education to be consistent, whether they are at home, at church, or at school. 
The Christian school is the only system, outside the home and the church, where teachers will instill in your child a biblical worldview.
Christian schools have a reputation of maintaining effective discipline and a positive school climate and culture.
Christian school teachers view their role as being more than teachers, they are ministers.
Christian schools generally have smaller classes and a lower student to teacher ratio.
Christian schools typically allow for, and encourage, greater parental involvement.
Christian schools provide opportunities for service while at the same time teaching students the proper motivation for service.
The concepts of tolerance and acceptance are viewed in their proper perspective in the Christian school
In our public schools freedom of religion is quickly becoming freedom from religion.
The secularism that is “preached” in our public schools is a form of religion.
Many of our Christian children and youth are not adequately prepared to be salt and light on the public school campus.



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